In order to ensure the quality of our products and to support the craftsmanship, all our clothes are made in UAE. Our atelier is located in Dubai, which allows us to check each piece produced.


    We want to share all the information about the manufacture of our clothes, to prove our commitment, but also to be closer to our customers.

All our Kimonos are one size fits all and handmade. Our Kimonos perfectly combine the cut of a kimono with that of a traditional abaya. 

However, unlike a traditional abaya, our Kimonos are open and can be worn with any other garment of your choice such as a skirt or pants Atelier Cleya.

Perfectly combining modesty and modernity, our kimono preserve your femininity and offer you the possibility to try new combinations. You can wear our Kimono with or without belt, open or closed, to give life to a style that will be yours. Our different models of Kimaya have pockets sewn on the sides. Atelier Cleya's Kimono lengthen the silhouette and give a refined look.

Made for all women, the Kimonos of Atelier Cleya offer you elegance and lightness throughout the day. You want an abaya that gives you the possibility to wear new outfits? Then let yourself be seduced by the Kimono of Atelier Cleya. Dress up with one of our kimono by pairing it with our Dress or with a Top and Pants. Everything is possible !